KelTech IoT shortlisted for Small Cell Forum awards

KelTech IoT has been shortlisted for two awards at the Small Cell Forum

The two shortlisted categories are “Commercial Small Cell (Network) Products & Technology (KelTech/VoltServer)” and “Outstanding Innovation in Small Cell Business Case (Symmetrical Innovations)”.

CEO of KelTech IoT, Mark Kellett commented “KelTech IoT has developed and deployed a truly transformative technology solution to address small cell network deployments globally. We are delighted to be shortlisted for the Small Cell Forum Awards in two separate categories, as further recognition of the innovative qualities of our Dual Distributed Network solution.”

About the submissions

Commercial Small Cell (Network) Products & Technology

Dual Distributed Networks – Transforming small cell network deployments – KelTech IoT & VoltServer

This submission outlines the technology and benefits of a KelTech IoT’s DDN solution and includes a brief case study of a commercial deployment, utilising VoltServer Digital ElectricityTM, with a client in London. In total, the capex savings of this implementation was 43%, with anticipated opex savings of 10 to 15%.

Outstanding Innovation in Small Cell Business Case

Reducing Total Cost of Ownership for small cell network deployments – Symmetrical Innovations

Symmetrical Innovations is a collaboration of four companies – coreNOC, KelTech IoT, WaveTech and Hoss consulting. This collaboration has designed a new approach in how small cell networks can be deployed and operated in a safer, more sustainable and cost effective way across the entire network. This submission outlines the technology and benefits of each company’s solution, as part of a total cost of ownership (TCO) saving for newly deployed networks. Based on analysis from separate deployments, the combined TCO savings of this solution is more than 75% over traditional implementations.

About KelTech IoT

KelTech IoT provide smart solutions for the communications infrastructure and property technology market. A global organisation, with an unparalleled experience, we partner with clients to support the development and delivery of innovative communication networks and digital services.

KelTech IoT’s Dual Distributed Network (DDN) solution transforms last mile communication network deployments through a symbiotic convergence of energy and data in a single integrated solution, resulting in a quicker, more cost effective and safer implementation.

About Small Cell Forum

SCF is a global membership organization committed to supporting agile, low-cost mobile infrastructure through small cells. Our mission is to make mobile cellular connectivity an accessible resource for organizations of all sizes, and to support digital transformation of industry, enterprise and communities.

We gather requirements from service providers and businesses, and directed by our Board, these inputs shape our work program. Our specifications, technical papers and enterprise-focused outputs are made freely available to benefit the wider industry.

Today our members are working on projects spanning split architectures, Edge computing, private networks, neutral host requirements, 5G small cell products, and policy and regulation.

KelTech IoT Media Contact

John Dillon