Symmetrical Innovations – 5G Partnership

June 30, 2021 – Dallas, Texas, USAcoreNOC, KelTech IoT, WaveTech and Hoss and Associates announce an innovative partnership, Symmetrical Innovations, that will deliver “turnkey solution” design offerings for a variety of indoor and outdoor 5G deployments. This partnership produces the greatest efficiencies from a technical, operational, and financial perspective and yields significant savings in total cost of ownership.  Click to View Webinar

An industry recognized solution, Symmetrical Innovations was shortlisted in the Small Cell Forum awards for Outstanding Innovation in Small Cell Business Case.

“Our collective customers benefit from a fully integrated solution from Radio to Core with efficient power-fiber delivery, power backup and business intelligence,” noted James Canty, CTO at KelTech IoT.

Each company brings expertise and network specific knowledge to the turnkey solution.

  • coreNOC offers clients efficiencies created through a Converged Software Core and Leax 5G NR radios that require less power consumption.
  • KelTech IoT provides cost savings achieved through building out Low Voltage DC micro grids at the same time and in the same cable system as traditional fiber deployment.
  • WaveTech technology extends battery life and performance near Lithium without the costs.
  • Hoss Hybrid Solar/Diesel power systems optimizes time proven back up for near “always on” power that is green.

Commenting on the partnership, Ben Ealey, CIO at coreNOC noted, “The innovation and creativity of this group brings better advances in the new 5G digital age. We provide ‘end to end solutions’ to cover rural areas with a complete network that delivers coverage anywhere, uses less power and is ‘off grid.’ Our metropolitan indoor solution offers more coverage with less power and a lower network expense, while the outdoor metropolitan solution offers reduced construction and operational expenses.”

For added convenience, customers may find all coalition partners’ products on all websites.

About Keltech IoT

KelTech IoT provides smart solutions for the communications infrastructure and property technology market. A global organisation, with an unparalleled experience, we partner with clients to support the development and delivery of innovative communication networks and digital services.

KelTech IoT’s Dual Distributed Network (DDN) solution transforms last mile communication network deployments through a symbiotic convergence of energy and data in a single integrated solution, resulting in a quicker, more cost effective and safer implementation. Click to Watch Video

KelTech IoT Media Contact: John Dillon,

About coreNOC

coreNOC’s mission is to provide the highest quality technology-based solutions in the most competitive manner to facilitate positive deliverables for the company, strategic partners and customers. The company’s primary product offerings include: a Virtual Common Core to reduce the cost for carriers to deploy 4G and 5G technology, Infrastructure Equipment at an outstanding value for the rural carriers and emerging global markets and a SIM Bank for domestic and international roaming services at very competitive rates. Visit for more information.

About WaveTech

WaveTech is a next-generation energy management company set apart by their strong focus on research and innovation. They build their services around proprietary technologies and software used to upgrade infrastructures that increases cost-efficiency and reliability, monitors backup capacity on battery, site and network-level and automates site operations for maximum efficiency. For more information, visit

About Hoss & Associates

Hoss & Associates is a full service, Engineer-Procure-Construct solutions provider for the telecommunications and renewable energy industries.  Our unique experience in both industries brings innovative products and services for single point of contact for clients. For more information, visit