TCO for Small Cell Networks – Watch Webinar

Reduce total cost of ownership for small cell network deployments

Join this webinar to learn more about a collaboration of 3 companies (coreNOC, KelTech IoT and WaveTech) to design a new approach in how small cell networks can be deployed and operated in a safer, more sustainable and cost effective way across the entire network.

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The proliferation of mobile devices, on-demand streaming and work/educate-from-home practices are driving an increase in distributed digital services. To meet this demand, next generation technologies, such as IoT, 5G, FWA, FTTx are providing the foundations for improvements in bandwidth, connectivity and latency. However, the cost of implementing or upgrading networks can be prohibitive.

The webinar will outline the technology and benefits of each company’s solution, as part of a total cost of ownership (TCO) saving over traditional implementations. Areas covered include remote radio head, baseband unit, core software, dual distributed network using a single hybrid cable of power and data, as well as battery back-up.

About KelTech IoT
KelTech IoT provides smart solutions for the communications infrastructure and property technology market. A global organisation, with an unparalleled experience, we partner with clients to support the development and delivery of innovative communication networks and digital services.

KelTech IoT’s Dual Distributed Network (DDN) solution transforms last mile communication network deployments through a symbiotic convergence of energy and data in a single integrated solution, resulting in a quicker, more cost effective and safer implementation.

KelTech IoT Media Contact: John Dillon,

About coreNOC
coreNOC’s mission is to provide the highest quality technology-based solutions in the most competitive manner to facilitate positive deliverables for the company, strategic partners and customers. The company’s primary product offerings include: a Virtual Converged Core to reduce the cost for clients to deploy 4G and 5G technology, 4G-5G Radio Infrastructure Equipment at an outstanding value for the rural carriers and emerging global markets and a SIM Bank for domestic and international roaming services at very competitive rates.

About WaveTech
WaveTech is a next-generation energy management company. What sets us apart is our strong focus on research and innovation. It enables us to build out services around proprietary technologies and software to upgrade infrastructures to increase cost-efficiency and reliability, monitor backup capacity on battery, site and network-level, and automate site operations for maximum efficiency.