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Case Study – London

Wembley Park

Increase building value using converged networks

Benefits of a resilient converged fibre optic network

  • Reduce cabling costs and space requirements
  • Increase energy efficiency and resource management
  • Enable high-speed, feature rich buildings for residents and facility managers
  • Increase overall building value
  • Future proof building for new technologies

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Quintain developers partnered with KelTech IoT team to deliver a range of smart building technology solutions in a mixed use residential, commercial and retail units space at Wembley Park, London.


Wembley Park, home to the famous Wembley football stadium, has been undergoing a massive change in the last number of years. It is set to become the largest build to rent (BtR) development site in the UK, with over 7,000 rental homes being delivered by 2024.

Key facts

  • 85 acre site
  • 1 million square metres mixed use residential, commercial and retail units
  • Europe’s largest smart build to rent (BtR) complex with 7,000 BtR apartments
  • Anticipated 24 million footfall per annum

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Case Study – Riyadh

King Abdullah Financial District

Transform the connected apartment with smart technologies

Benefits of a smart apartment

  • Reduce energy consumption by 30%
  • Increase property value by up to 8%
  • Enhance resident experience
  • Future proof building for new technologies

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The Public Invest Fund partnered with KelTech IoT team to design a range of smart technologies for the King Abdullah Financial District in Riyadh.


The King Abdullah Financial District is a massive development in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia of over 60 towers in an area of 1.6 million square metres. When completed, it will provide more than 3 million square metres of space for various uses, 62,000 parking spaces and accommodation for 50,000 residents.

The towers on site include residential, office, and retail towers, several schools and parking garages, a medical clinic, civic buildings, and three hotels.

Key facts

  • 60+ towers
  • 3 million square metres of mixed use towers
  • Accommodation for 50,000 residents

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