Our 3-Step

Services Methodology

KelTech IoT services support clients to navigate the complex and rapidly developing property technology market. Based on decades of experience implementing a wide range of technology solutions, KelTech IoT services help to make the transition from vision to implementation.

At KelTech IoT, our team of experienced consultants partner with clients on a 3-step methodology to scope out their building technology requirements, to ensure the best solutions and the best implementation plan is put in place.

01. Assess

Understand the vision and challenges, identify the KPIs, assess the solution, develop technology brief and governance

02. Co-create

Create technology plan, refine and prioritise plan for cost saving and revenue optimisation

03. Execute

Execute the technology plan, analyse, review and monitor implementation and post-installation


The Benefits

At KelTech IoT, we have a deep and wide understanding of the technology requirements that make up a smart building. Our proven ability to deliver for the client, based on a wide partner eco-system and product agnostic approach to finding the best solution, is what separates us from the competition.

KelTech IoT delivers fully integrated end-to-end solutions, allowing the client to focus on their core strength, knowing their technology needs are taken care of.


Contact the team today to find out how KelTech IoT can provide the right technology solution for your smart building requirements

Realise Efficiencies

Realise efficiencies in people and operations by assessing and identifying more cost effective solutions and processes

Reduce Risk

Reduce operational and financial risk by using a trusted partner with a proven track record of executing in this area

Upskill Teams

Improve engagement and accountability within your core team and deepen expertise across all teams as we bring you on the Smart journey with us

Quantify Success

Set a clear roadmap with KPIs and milestones to allow you to understand the path to success and make it measurable